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Paris has been ranked the best city in the world for students, according to a UK study, although some French undergraduates felt the results were wide of the mark.

Researchers at QS Best Student Cities looked at quality of life and affordability in terms of fees and living costs, as well as the number of institutions and their overall reputations among employers.
QS has been ranking individual universities since 2004, although this is the first time their researchers took the cities into account.

Here is the list of the 20 best ranked cities for students 2012 !

  • RANK                          CITY

  1.                                      Paris, France
  2.                                      London, England
  3.                                      Boston, US
  4.                                      Melbourne, Australia
  5.                                      Vienna, Austria
  6.                                      Sydney, Australia
  7.                                      Zurich, Switzerland
  8.                                      Berlin, Germany
  9.                                      Dublin, Ireland
  10.                                      Montreal, Canada
  11.                                      Barcelona, Spain
  12.                                      Singapore, Singapore
  13.                                      Munich, Germany
  14.                                      Lyon, France
  15.                                      Chicago, US
  16.                                      Madrid, Spain
  17.                                      San Francisco, US
  18.                                      New York, US
  19.                                      Tokyo, Japan
  20.                                      Hong Kong, China