4:55 PM
Moscow - Russian investigators from Penzenskata area initiated against the arrested Bichkov Alexander, who admitted killing nine people and who is suspected of cannibalism.
For these crimes was earlier convicted another man, who is now serving a prison sentence, reports Russian press.
So far the investigation of Bichkov (24) has attributed six murders in place Belinsko, but suspect that the list of his victims is significantly higher.

According to the Russian media, the police covered up details of the killing he did..

Bichkov was arrested after trying to rob a local store for computer equipment.
For the series of killings and cannibalism, last year was sentenced Aleksanadar Zhupulov.
All his victims are men, and as the media transferred, they were alcoholics. The Bichkov multiple times was in chastity 
 for indecent behavior and drunkenness, but was not convicted of crimes.
in the house where the suspect lived were found several knives, near the house of his parents were found buried corpses of five victims.


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