5:26 PM
Moscow - A Russian man was sentenced to one year and three months probation because his dog shot and killed a person, the Interfax news agency reported on Tuesday.

Igor Solomin, aged 44, was adjudged responsible for the October 2010 death of a friend, who was sitting in the driver's seat of an SUV at the time of the accident.

The animal, which the report described as "excitable", stepped on the trigger of a loaded shotgun belonging to Solomin, which was lying in the vehicle's back seat, according to court testimony.

Solomin told a judge in Russia's Saratov province, about 720km south of the capital, Moscow, that he considered himself guilty of manslaughter and regretted the incident.

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Vague Raconteur said...

That dog... how much more badass can Russians be that they get their dogs trained as hitmen?

Magnum said...

Ok, looks like my comment will be the last before the inevitable line of 'In Soviet Russia' jokes, yet I have to admit: Russia is a place for bizarre things to happen.

Ryan Taylor said...

That dog knew what he was doing
only in russia..