12:31 PM

The Japanese have taken raising money for charities to a new level with a “Breast Fundraiser” event.

The fundraiser which was part of the ‘Erotica will Save the World’ event, took place took place on August 25th and 26th in Tokyo, Japan. At the Breast Fundraiser event, 10 ladies (oppai momi models) volunteered to have their breasts squeezed in exchange for cash towards the STOP!AIDS cause (a charity aimed at promoting the awareness, treatment, and prevention of AIDS).
To participate in the event, men and women would have to line up to have their IDs checked (to make sure they are over 18 years old), donate money, sterilize their hands, and then squeeze the breasts of one of the 10 models. They were allowed two squeezes per hand and if they were not satisfied, they would have to rejoin the line and fork up more cash.