3:21 PM

The latest invention of the Dubai Police, are flying bikes. Their agents have been patrolling with them since November 2018 and now, the Russian company that makes them, gives us the possibility to buy one. Yes, at the reasonable price of ... 130,000 euros!

The company is called Hoversurf and their Scorpion 3 model is about to become the motorcycle of the future. Capable of reaching 96 kilometers per hour and flying five meters above the ground - the height recommended for safety reasons -, it has a carbon fiber chassis and electric propulsion. Duration of the batteries is half-hour. "They are fast response vehicles of hard-reaching areas.

The prototype was presented in 2017 and, since then, they have been presenting improvements until reaching the Scorpion 3, which offers greater stability in the air than the previous ones.

In Europe, security experts doubt the viability of  the control protocols they need and the cost of their maintenance.