12:09 AM

According to the news portal NewScientist, certain Pentagon documents (related to a possible low-cost technology from the United States Navy) have just come to light. Specifically, there is talk of a low-cost technology (known as LOCUST) by which 'flocks' of drones will be launched from a submarine drone.

These unmanned submarine giants (known as Orca) were already being used by the United States. Various reports suggest that the Pentagon may be planning to use these submarine drones in future missions, both to explore and collect data on intelligence, mine placement, etc., and in future attacks on other ships or submarines.

On February 13, the Pentagon reported that Boeing awarded the contract to develop and modify its submarine drones Orca (probably to adapt them to combat missions) for an amount of 43 million dollars.

According to the latest information, this submarine drone could launch thousands of small drones into the air from its deck. The experts, think that one of these planes would not be able to cause a great impact, but if they are thrown together (they could contain explosives inside or be able to cause electronic interference to destroy radars, for example).