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Since 1958, NASA has been responsible for some of the greatest scientific feats in modern history. The history of exploration has not only contributed to expanding our knowledge of space but also the laws of the universe and science in general. It has also changed our lives: from microwave ovens, thermal clothes, better and safer packaging techniques, satellite communication, wireless devices, smoke detectors or several techniques used in medicine. Those are some of the "spinoffs" produced for the need to face the problems of space.

After the Apollo 11 mission, Nasa developed a process called "blown rubber molding" that allowed hollow chambers to be created and then filled with absorbent materials.The initial goal was to create safer flight helmets, but Nasa engineer Frank Rudy thought to use it for something else: shoes with hollow soles that absorbed the impact of racing. That's how the mythical Nike Air was born.

    On this occasion NASA has joined the basketball player Paul George to create the PG 3 X NASA and instead of using the molding of blown rubber, they resorted to another Nasa spinoff: the viscoelastic foam (same of the mattresses). Thanks to this, very light footwear (less than 300 grams) was achieved. The sole is inspired by both the craters of the Moon and George's movement patterns. They wear a patch of the Apollo 14 mission in the heel and the material and colors are the same used by the space suits.