3:24 PM

In July 2018, the authorities in the town of Fairfield, very close to New York, were alerted to investigate a man who was behaving strangely in front of a hairdressing salon. Apparently, he was dancing, shouting and acting in an unusual way. When they arrived, he had in his possession 6 boats of "Catnip Cocktail", a drug that is used to reduce episodes of anxiety in cats and dogs (at least that's what it says). Although it is specified to be used for animal treatments, it has not prevented many citizens from choosing it as the new fashionable drug.

The problem is that the effects on humans are extremely dangerous. In the latter case, the man showed numerous changes of attitude, as soon as he was very friendly as he could act in a confused, even aggressive manner. This was the first incident reported by many in the area and the number continues to increase considerably to the point of being a problem for the police department operating in the state of Connecticut. This past Thursday, there was an announcement that they had confiscated at least 61 bottles of contraband, which has caused them to raise the alarm so that it does not become the new fashionable drug in the whole country.

The fact that it’s compound gives you the feeling of "high", but without showing any indication that you have drunk, is the perfect excuse for many young people who want to feel drugged cheaply (just 18 euros a bottle) .

But what is the "catnip"?
It is known scientifically as nepeta cataria and it is an aromatic herb commonly known as "cat basil" or "cannabis for cats", traditional in Europe, although it can also grow in North America and Asia. The aroma causes cats to be attracted to it and has a pleasant and stimulating effect that relaxes them.
The authorities are very concerned because even though it is a product sold for animals, no retailer recognizes the brand. Of course, the fact that it is sold online and also offered in marijuana sales channels, suggests that it may be a farce to traffic the chemist in a covert manner.

At the moment, they have centered the case in New Jersey and hope to stop this new form of drugging as soon as possible, especially so that it does not spread to the rest of the country.