2:09 PM

One of the merits of the Nintendo Labo game system is converting elements in two dimensions, such as cardboard plates, into 3D games for the Nintendo Switch. Up until now, three different game kits had been launched, all with the same cardboard mold system that had to be assembled and combined with the console. Nintendo has released the fourth kit of the Nintendo Labo series, including new element which incorporates virtual reality.

The new kit includes an RV viewer and elements to build up to 6 accessories. Thanks to them it is possible to face an alien invasion, submerge in an ocean and take pictures.

As of April 12, they will be available in two models. The first includes five different accessories, plus the glasses. The second one gives the possibility to build an accessory and glasses. It is important to note that virtual reality glasses will only be compatible with the games included in the Labo kit, not with previous games, even if they are from the Nintendo Switch, At least for now. Something that will be interesting is the challenge of facing the game alone or in companion

Since its first launch, the Nintendo Switch has sold almost 10 million consoles, which makes it the fastest selling console to this date. The great virtue has been effectively combined to the console mode and the laptop. Now, with the arrival of the RV mode there is a new leap, taking advantage of the essential movement in the games ... as long as the available titles are interesting and varied.