12:02 PM

Until now the photographs were basically flat images that allowed little or no interaction with them. Today at the Mobile World Congress, the 360º technology of the Cupola360 spherical image processor has been presented. Thanks to it, there is a possibility to navigate the image while we transmit it on the Internet.

Unlike the usual 360 cameras, which make up the total image through different photographs and then integrate them into the device, the Cupola360 is able to take the images and process them internally. When doing it in real time and, through the connection to the Internet, they can be transmitted live in 360º. This advance not only applies to cameras commonly used in sports, it can also be used in architecture, speleology, aeronautics, etc.

The big change is that the images are being published in a video, allowing the viewer to change the angle of vision ... even if the recording hasn’t been finished.

For photos, the Cupola360 has a resolution of 32 MP, while for videos it is 4K at 30fps.