11:35 AM

We are aware that we must be very careful when talking about studies that enjoy the possible benefits of alcohol, but the results of this observational study carried out in 2017 by specialists from the University of Liverpool, Maastricht University and King's College London, are curious enough to mention them. And the report suggests that consuming a little alcohol can help someone to speak another language better.

The researchers conducted an experiment with a group of volunteers who were bilingual. They all took a small amount of alcohol, the equivalent of a bottle of beer, and then they began to speak in their second language. The experiment also involved another group of volunteers who were native speakers of those second languages, and whose mission was to judge how such people expressed themselves.
The unanimous verdict was that those whose intonation and pronunciation was better and more fluid, had achieved it after taking the beer. Of course, as we have already said, it is an observational study that does not allow us to draw any categorical conclusion. In any case, the results are easily explained, as the authors of the study clarify. Alcohol has, in small doses, a disinheriting effect that can cause people to lose any unconscious fear that prevents them from expressing themselves fluently in another language.

Anyway, from here we recommend not drinking before saying something important. Lest we cloud the trial and say some inconvenience. Even with the correct intonation and pronunciation.