3:30 PM

At a recent press conference held at the Running Symposium in Munich, a team of scientists and experts presented the U-Tech technology, a new concept of running shoes. The breakthrough merited the ISPO Gold Award Winner.

Those responsible for this technology are Gert-Peter Brüggemann, director of the Institute of Biomechanics and Orthopedics at the Sports University of Cologne and one of the leaders in biomechanics worldwide Andre Kriwet, responsible for developing Brooks, Nike and Asics .

It is precisely Krivet who points out that "running shoes have not improved functionally for years. It's about weaving and restoring the energy of the midsole.
 What happens with biomechanics? This is the question that has motivated us. We want to create the best possible shoe for an optimal race experience. Until now the brands focused on helping runners deal with the symptoms of injuries. We focus on movement, biomechanics and we do not allow problems to arise. "

The characteristic features of the U-Tech sole are the two U-shaped elements. "This arrangement - says Brüggemann - is inspired by the shape and function of the human foot. Thanks to the two elements in the form of a hoof, the sensation is being on a soft and sensitive spring, but with the additional elements of security and stability that stabilize the foot inside the U-shape. In this way the impact is located in the center of the joints so that harmful forces do not occur when walking. For example joint pain in the knee. This reduces the risk of injury. "