3:50 PM

The first message sent by Neil Papworth through the Vodafone GSM network on December 3, 1992 was simple: "Merry Christmas". Of course, by that time the mobiles were not yet able to send these short messages (Short Messages Service), so he had to use a computer to send it to an Orbitel 901 mobile.

It is true that at first the sending of these messages via mobile was expensive, but little by little, with flat and affordable rates for consumers, people started to tell themselves life and miracles through the network, arriving in 2012 until the whopping figure of 151 trillion messages a year in the UK alone. Yes, with the arrival of applications such as Whatsapp or Telegram, this figure has dropped to less than half. In fact, in 2017, only 66 billion were sent.

Such an influence of these short messages that served to germinate is what we know today as Twitter.