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93% of the population over 40 says they have vision problems, compared to 7% who say they have no visual health problems. The percentage drops to 72% when we talk about the Spanish population. The three most reported pathologies are myopia (29%), astigmatism (24.8%) and farsightedness (7.8%). As age advances, vision problems increase, but it is also a problem for young people. People between 18 and 34 years old have myopia problems with an average of 2.94 diopter.

Technology also reaches the world of vision and the field of glasses and lenses. The Japanese company Mitsui Chemicals officially launched its Touch Focus last year and they are expanding rapidly in the world markets.

Under an elegant design and similar to conventional glasses, this Japanese gadget has a trick in one of the rods. Through a touch sensor, the device adjusts a mini gear and allows you to instantly modify the perspective through a liquid crystal. To return to its previous stage, it is only necessary to press the touch sensor again and the smart eyeglasses adapt to the previous position.

The device is powered by a small, light battery located at the back of the pin. Through USB charging, it has a range of about 10 hours and is fully charged in 4 hours. However, and for the moment, its price is quite high, 1,950 Euros or 250,000 yen to change. It also has more than 20 different designs.