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Large dog breeds are considered to weigh between 25 and 45 kilos, and measure around 40 or 60 cm tall (the German shepherd, the golden retriever, the Doberman, the Dalmatian and many others); Giant dogs are those that can reach between 50 and 80 kilos, and reach a loop of 70 or 80 cm.
The giant breed called a Spanish mastiff, whose weigh is up to 100 kilos, is the biggest dog that is known in the world. Giant George, a Great Dane who weighs 115 kilos if stood up with his legs extended, he would measure more than two meters high.

And the smallest dog?

The smallest dogs that exist, as a breed, are Chihuahua dogs. These dogs usually weigh between 1.5 and 3 kilos when they are adults. Despite their small size, they enjoy good health, they are intrepid and brave and are also able to walk and run like medium dogs do. But a normal Chihuahua would seem giant next to Toudi Chi, which is the smallest dog in the world. He was born in 2015 and at 3 months, he measured 6.4 centimeters and weighed only 297 grams. He was the smallest of his litter, by far, smaller than an apple and smaller than a can of cola.

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